Dead Space 3 coming February 8th 2013 in Europe

EA and Visceral Games has announced that co-op horror shooter Dead Space 3 will launch on February 8th 2013.

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OneAboveAll2106d ago

The first game was absolutely horrifying. I could only play it for 30 minutes at a time. It was fantastic. Possibly the scariest game i'v ever played. The second game was terrible and the 3rd game doesn't look any better.

WHERE DID THEY GO WRONG!? Oh that's right, according the developers the first game was actually "TOO SCARY"...


TheBlackSmoke2106d ago

Very insightful, well thought out critique

OneAboveAll2106d ago

Thank you. It took me a few hours to come up with that.

Daver2106d ago

Dead space 2 was as good as the first one even if it was a bit different. I enjoyed both games even If I thought i would not like them.

As for Dead Space 3 I was waiting for the announcement but when i saw it I was like.. meh.. It looked like Lost planet. Anyway Ill wait to see more about it before judging it.

bub162106d ago

really! im finding the second one A LOT! more interesting and its scaring the sh!t out of me. i had to take a break before i had a heart attack

iXenon2106d ago

I was never a fan of Dead Space to begin with. *shot*

It was always hyped as one of the scariest games ever but no matter how I played, I just couldn't flinch

SlapHappyJesus2106d ago


The games aren't exactly what I consider scary. Then again, everyone has their own levels and ideas of what is and isn't scary.

Still a damn fine series though. One of my personal favorites.

Zynga2106d ago

Wait?? I thought the game comes out this year?

Afterlife2106d ago

I wasted my time watching the boring EA conference because I wanted them to show Overstrike. I'm disappointed.