Sleeping Dogs: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "Sleeping Dogs is both great at making a beautiful Hong Kong your playground, as well as portraying the drama hidden in its streets."

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showtimefolks2227d ago


The storyline is completely compelling, as are the characters. I haven't experienced such a detailed, dramatic and believable storyline in quite some time.
Wei Shen is not just a fighter, he's a weapon. And it's incredibly fun to use him against your enemies.


Fidgety camera angle that tightens uncomfortably in small spaces.
Side missions are more distractions and an avenue to unlock the cooler cars than anything else.

Made-to-Order Back-of-Box Quotes

"Sleeping Dogs has increased my ego by dangerous proportions." -Tina Amini,
"I'm pretty sure I shouldn't think being a triad is cool, but... being a triad is totally cool." -Tina Amini,