Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Hunter Mode Reveal Trailer

Crytek released a new multiplayer hunter mode trailer

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sandman2242043d ago

That looks like fun. This game will be a first day buy for me.

majiebeast2043d ago

Reminds me off snake sneaking mode in mgs4.

neutralgamer192043d ago

Crysis 2 was so lame and boring that i will not buy another again. Too much hype, not enough substance imo.

And then they complain about the likes of Res 3 whos sp was ten times better than Crysis lol

Again read the dotted line...... this is only my opinion.

DevilishSix2043d ago

I enjoyed Crysis 2 multiplayer, it was a good start. IT will evolve and be more polished this time and the singleplayer will be more like Crysis 1. Whats not to like.

JBSleek2043d ago

These trailers really upset me because you don't really see game-play more cinematic. You have no clue what you just saw.

Shadonic2043d ago

it was all in game its just they way they shot it from different perspectives the beginning is just a beginning scene kind of like a lobby to set the scene for the players in the vehicle as for the hunters idk if there's multiple ways to take down the chopper or if that's scripted.

Andreas-Sword2043d ago

looks very funny.
interesting multiplayer mode!

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The story is too old to be commented.