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OneAboveAll2109d ago

Not sure why but this slightly pisses me off...

I purchased the game for $65 (that's tax included) when it came out. Then I purchased the Premium for $50. To that's over $100 spent on the game only to find out that you can get this $100+ worth of stuff now for the price of the game when it first came out.

Not sure who I want to kill first... lol

christheredhead2109d ago

Unfortunately, this is pretty standard. Personally though, I was waiting for this announcement. I try not to be an early adapter of multiplayer games. Those who wait usually get rewarded. I figured that out pretty early on.

People who purchased the game day 1 should get a free map pack or something. Wont happen though.

jdktech20102109d ago

You've been playing for a year. It's basically just a price drop after a long time after release that forces subs to premium.

Sucks but oh well...nothing you can change

OneAboveAll2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

yea, but to release premium WITH BF3 only a few months after premium just came out? If I had known they would pull this bullshit I would have purchased another copy of the game that comes WITH premium. Then i'd have two copies to play with a friend.

I buy games when they first come out because I like to get a jump on the unlocks. I hate buying games that have been out a while only to get online and go against others who have the best equipment.

Burning_Finger2109d ago

EA are following Capcom's foot steps with the Super Ultimate Xtreme Uber Special Edition blah blah blah...

SonyNGP2109d ago

Got Premium for almost $20 a few weeks ago :3

SonyNGP2108d ago

Believe it or not, but they sell Premium for dirt cheap in the Middle East :V

glennco2109d ago

those tank maps better be worth it because the close quarters maps were just not battlefield. played it for an night and havent been back since. not a fan of TDM though and that is all they felt like

sedx2109d ago

there's no point of even getting premium. battlefield 4 is right around the corner,and it should be bigger than BF3... oh wait they will rip you off by cutting content out like weapons so you have to buy a BF4 premium all over again.

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