PSBlog Preview | Hitman: Absolution Introduces New Contracts Mode

Posted by Nick Price // Community Manager, IO Interactive

One of the best things about working with a vibrant and productive community, such as the one attached to the Hitman games, is that you can learn a lot by just watching people play. Going back to the previous games in the Hitman series, we’ve always enjoyed watching videos of how the fans tackle the different levels; both in terms of strategy and approach to the emergent systems within the game but also in terms of how they change the rules by going against the core of the level.

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ab5olut10n2196d ago

aaah, i get it. ANY person. this sounds very cool. i thought all this was was placing conditions on the normal target in the level. being able to select any npc is going to be tits.

Audiggity2196d ago

Agreed... glad to see someone "get it". The chatter around this feature is absurd, it is obvious that a lot of people can't wrap their head around this mode.

I think it will add a lot to the game (especially considering I've played the Sniper Challenge 100 times and you can't even walk around)... most importantly, it will add to Absolution without taking away from the core.

Can't wait! I am skipping other November releases to make room for Absolution.