Final Fantasy VII PC launch trailer

Square Enix released the launch trailer for the re-release of Final Fantasy VII PC.

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vork772108d ago

now we need it with better graphics then i be happy

4pocalyps32108d ago

You can get mods that make it look better on PC anyway.

hay2108d ago

It's hard to say how modding will behave with this release. It may use new engine and asset format completely making mods incompatible until the engine will be reversed.

Hopefully it'll be as open as possible, but knowing Square, I expect it to be completely incompatible with current mods.

Blasphemy2108d ago

Would it really have costed them that much to make it HD?

potatowarrior2108d ago

why all the hate its just a re release ! tho would be nice to see a fully remastered game i surpose im happy with this pc version just for the acheievments lolol

Nerdmaster2108d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that the narrator makes the trailer sound like one from a comedy movie?