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Submitted by mchankwilliams 1275d ago | review

Darksiders II Review -

The official review of Darksiders II from new independent game site The author writes: "Death’s world is vast and varied. Whereas War only got to visit the twisted, crumbling landscapes of Earth, his scythe-wielding brother must travel to lands both ancient and unimaginable, all in the name of redemption. From lush forests overflowing with color and light to the bowels of hell, sick with darkness and fire, Darksiders II offers a wide variety of killing fields wrapped in an adventure that is equal parts massive and wonderful." (Darksiders 2, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

Proeliator  +   1275d ago
I love when people break embargo!
PockyKing  +   1275d ago
It shows a lack of professionalism and respect to the PR who gave them the review copy. Breaking embargo is a one way ticket to getting blacklisted.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1275d ago
while i do agree with you, to be fair a review embargo in the first place shows a lack of confidence in your final product.

that said, not sure why this game needs one. it looks crazy good, the first was crazy good and it seems for the most part it is scoring high.

i do suppose if i were in thqs position though i wouldnt want to take any sort of risk that could effect 1st day sales, be it good or bad. play it safe when your company is on the line
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PockyKing  +   1275d ago
They do embargoes because they have a marketing plan, not because they have a lack in confidence.
gaffyh  +   1275d ago
@Captain - Pocky is right. They haev a certain marketing plan, which is why the embargo was set in the first place.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1275d ago
@ Captain Qwark 9

It's not that they have a lack of confidence in their product per-say.

Marketing is just ensuring that no potential buyers will be put off buying the game in the event the game gets low review scores before the game is released.

The development team will assume that their hardwork will show and thus think it's a great game. The Marketing team has to consider the consumers / reviewers mentality. This is very difficult since everyone has an opinion and everyone's tastes in games can vary. Marketing is just playing it safe to ensure the game has the greatest chance of selling day 1.

So it's not necessary a lack of confidence but more so maximizing first day/week launch sales.

Another point that can be made is that Marketing is assisting smaller sites. Generally the larger sites get first access to review copies ie. IGN, Gametrailers etc while smaller sites have to wait for the game to be released, then have to play it and weeks later when the game is considered "old news" release their reviews to the public which don't generate any hits. By having an embargo, it helps the smaller sites get hits as well if a review copy is obtained late but still before release date.
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neutralgamer19  +   1275d ago
Damn i will have to get this today. Smh i didnt want to spend money on more games but wth i might as well.
showtimefolks  +   1275d ago
gamestop has shipped my limited edition should be getting it later today

can't wait and if you have the 1st game play it to get bonus content in darksiders 2
Zynga  +   1275d ago
"can't wait and if you have the 1st game play it to get bonus content in darksiders 2 "

What kind of bonus content we talking about?
TreMillz  +   1275d ago
special armor set and an additional lvl.1 weapon
Captain Qwark 9  +   1275d ago
this was a solid review and an 8 is a damn good score but i cant help but feel it read as a 9.

this........ "Now I get to use them in a massive new adventure so full of character and energy that it has no trouble standing alongside the greatest titles in the genre, including those it cribs so heavily from."

had it read "DS2 is so good it sits just slightly under its inspirations" then an 8 would be appropriate....however alongside means it should sit with the rest at 9's and 10's.

no matter though, review was well written. 8 is great and as soon as my stupid shift ends, i will be lost in this game from start to finish just as i was with the first
bubblebeam  +   1275d ago
I know right. I'm ok with a score a reviewer gives, but their job is to word it in THEIR opinion, so if they can't spell out the cons of said game, they shouldn't score it.

If it reads like a 9, and they give it a 7 (not in this particular instance), then their is a certain communication breakdown, or just lack of understanding of the written langauge and its broader understanding. In which case, they shouldn't have picked a job where getting your point across is SOLEY what you are supposed to be doing.

Not taking anything away from this reviewer, I just mean in general.

Anyways, have to wait another 30 odd hours for it, as I am not in one of those privileged countries (at least as far as gaming is conccerned)
showtimefolks  +   1275d ago
true but i think this game will be between 8.5-9 for most of the reviewers. You now they are gonna find cons and some gaming sites pick apart the game for every little thing.

From what i have seen when giantbomb did their quick look i was sold. RPG elements, deep weapon system to upgrade and my favorite in any game LOOT.

can not wait currently playing darksiders
Captain Qwark 9  +   1275d ago
i agree that it will be between 8-10s and like i said this guys review was solid but what bubblebeam and i are saying is, if the review reads like a 9, then your score should read a 9. if not then somewhere in the review there is a lack of communication. example these are the positives and negatives that i spotted from that review.....


-Death’s world is vast and varied

-Darksiders II offers a wide variety of killing fields wrapped in an adventure that is equal parts massive and wonderful.

-I realized that this world truly gave me a sense of belonging.

- I can’t help but feel like the smartest man alive when the final piece of the puzzle slides home, giving me access to a section of the dungeon I could not reach before. Darksiders II is ripe with these moments, providing a constant stream of reward following a never-ending series of challenges.

-Darksiders II is also a world of familiarity. The first in the series was frequently knocked for how much it borrowed from other games. That’s a trait I actually welcomed, and do so again in this follow-up. I’ve held these weapons before. I know how these tools work. Now I get to use them in a massive new adventure so full of character and energy that it has no trouble standing alongside the greatest titles in the genre, including those it cribs so heavily from.

-epic experience that positively soars. Death may be grim, but his quest is grand. Every turn provided me with something new to enjoy, a surprise to relish, or a mountain of enemies to tear asunder. I got lost in its world


-not a single one mentioned

so how/where did we lose two points becuase the review is purely positive and with nothing wrong with it, tech thats considered "perfect" or a "10"......but we got an 8. so unless his scoring system is 8/8 something is off with what he is trying to tell us about the game becuase we lost 2 points.....where did they go?
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neutralgamer19  +   1275d ago
I needed another action role playing fix after Dark Souls and alas i have found it. Sleeper indeed i didn't know anything about the game until recently.
rwinslett  +   1275d ago
Thanks for the comments, gang. It looks like the embargo slip-up was a time zone error. We absolutely respect embargos and would never release something early on purpose. We just made a scheduling mistake and, once it was brought to our attention, it was already too late to do anything about it.

As for the score, we use the full 10 point scale. A score isn't given because points were taken off, but rather to reflect the overall quality of a game. As stated below the score, an 8 is awarded to a game that is a "headline title in its genre," which Darksiders II absolutely is. A 9 is given if a game helps define the generation and a 10 is for instant classics. In short, you will only rarely see a 9 or a 10 out of us.

But even then, the score is not what's important. That's just one number at the end of thousands of letters used to tell you how I felt about the game. To be clear: Darksiders II is amazing.
delosisland  +   1275d ago
Good reply. Makes sense I like it "_"

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