The Medal of Honor Tomahawk


As a games journalist growing up in England during the rise of the internet and social media, I've never been terribly conscious of the vast, vast expanse of Atlantic Ocean that separates me from the many people I know and like in the USA. I speak to them all the time online and I even get to see them pretty frequently thanks to shows like E3, GDC and Gamescom that bring us all together in the same place. So it's remarkably easy for me to forget that, while we speak the same language, the USA is actually a very foreign country.

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Nocturne1472196d ago

Oh my GoD! A Tomahawk! Who cares ?

venom062196d ago

God, these lame ass so-called "game journalists" talk down ANY military FPS shooter that doesn't have CoD in the title. Who gives a sH3#@ about Medal of Honor using a Tomahawk and referencing it in real life. BO2 uses a Tomahawk but you dont see any mention about it. No, BO2 is basically the sencond coming of Christ to the CoD fanboy journalist. just play the game, stop being a Cod fanboy and stop being so critical of every military FPS other than CoD..

yami9302195d ago

The Tomahawk in the Medal of Honor 2010 was the most satisfiying melee kill in the game, it was the one reason to be excited to play as the taliban. Every game likes to put a knife swipe, and it feels like I did nothing but scratch them and they just so happen to die, but with the tomahawk it felt like you got into thir armor and skin and were able to stop them. I would rather games have tomahawk for melee and gun butt hits.