Gamespot: Wild Earth: African Safari Impressions

Gamespot writes:

"The people in charge of Afrika at Sony must be kicking themselves right about now. If they don't hurry up and get the wildlife-tech-demo-turned-vaporware-safari-simulator onto shelves soon, Majesco will beat them to the punch with Wild Earth: African Safari on the Wii. In a Majesco rep's own words, Wild Earth is exactly what the elusive Afrika has been rumored for months to be: a safari-themed Pokémon Snap in which you quietly hunt down and grab pictures of the many beasts that inhabit the savannah."

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Yeah, but the graphics... I'm biologist, I know what I'll look up in this kind of game, but anyway, this genre would just sell more on Nintendo platform on any circunstances anyway.

kewlkat0073738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

my PS3. I'll leave it at that..Ha

Good think I have Discovery and Animal channel. I'm good.

I wonder if this game will be $60.

wiizy3738d ago

that what its about different games for different people to enjoy

moparful993738d ago

I may or may not play this game, I liked snap when it came out on the n64. On the other hand my point is how quick people are to point out when sony borrows somthing from other companies and if wild earth launches first it will be another thing for ps3 haters to latch onto... I've played the wii and personally I dont like it. I've tried mario galaxy, zelda, excite truck and a couple others and none of them piqued my interest. Nintendo lost its appeal to me in the n64 days and have yet to give me somthing that I want. Maybe cause i'm older, I dont know but my fav franchises as of today are all sony related. I guess that makes me a fanboy, but this is one extremely happy fanboy.

desolationstorm3738d ago

I couldnt really care about the game, but I will say the wii is a grab bag of unique titles, good titles and terrble sh!t. Though there is something for everyone on it and that will only continue.

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