Game on: Get the new YouTube app for PlayStation 3

Playing hours of Journey giving you cravings to watch Journey on YouTube? Or maybe DiRT Showdown put you in the mood to watch real-life action sports from the Red Bull YouTube Channel?

Give button mashing a whole new meaning with the new YouTube app for PlayStation 3—rolling out today in North America for free download from the PlayStation Store.

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miyamoto2164d ago

Will this be better than what I already have since: PS3Youtube HD?

HmongAmerican2164d ago

I got probelm playing video on recently. Video won't play kept getting error whenever I click on video. Not sure if this effect everyone or just me.

mewhy322164d ago

Wow, I'll definately be getting that. I've wanted this for some time on XMB. PSN rocks.

iWishTifaWasReal2164d ago

They lied. The Youtube App is only for US. Canadians get Crackle -,-

-Alpha2164d ago

One of two things on XBL I really wanted. For free. Fantastic news.

stage882164d ago

Trust me, we don't want the YouTube app to be the same as the xbox one. It is awful!

At least we've still got PS3YouTube for HD goodness if the app is the same.

Bzone242164d ago

You've said the Xbox Youtube app is awful and terrible already in this topic, but have yet to explain why? I myself like it and was just wondering what's wrong with it in your opinion?

MaxXAttaxX2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Well we already had PS3YouTube HD, which is good.
Let's see if this new app is better.

Darth Stewie2164d ago

About time I always wondered why PS3 never had its own dedicated Youtube App considering the Vita,360, and just about every smartphone has a Youtube App.

Cra2yey32164d ago

What about video quality?

telekineticmantis2164d ago

Isn't that what's most important? Does it still look like crap, can you raise the resolution?

yewles12164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

About time... we've been relying on Danny B.'s bookmarklet and he doesn't get enough props after so much work...

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The story is too old to be commented.