Shocking Introduction: A First Look at the Madden 13 Demo (49ers vs Giants, Seahawks vs Redskins)

From - "And just like that, Madden 13 may have just become a day one purchase for me. That is the hope and purpose of all demos, and with Madden 13, it was pretty important for me to feel confident in the game before I decided to drop 60 bones on yet another roster update. "

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ChunkyLover532161d ago

Like the new presentation, the new announcers are far better, the physics engine is not really noticeable from what I've seen. The graphics pretty much look the same as last year.

I do enjoy the Kinect voice controls, I always thought the plays started so fast, especially when you are on defense, so with Kinect I can audible and set up players where I want them and its not confusing at all. Just speak it, and it happens.

gamer12322160d ago

I personally loved the demo, and it worked. I just went and pre-ordered the game! And I usually rip on EA Sports games often, but this game changed my mind.