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OXM UK: "Sleeping Dogs is a game of rich variety and strong personality that never gets boring over its ten essential hours - many more if you stop to check out the full and entertaining world. With constant rewards and meaningful mini-games, it never feels like it's wasting your time. It's shorter than GTA IV, for sure, but it's also much sweeter."

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mafiahajeri2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Really loving the game so far the story is really interesting. The combat is WAY WAY better than any sandbox game out there...

grailly2190d ago

is it really THAT good? I'm just an hour in, I'm having fun, but I wouldn't give it a 9 for the moment.

CommonSense2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

i'm really enjoying it myself (haven't played much more than you since i had to work), but so far, i still agree. it's really good, but it's not great. there are too many little things that should have been worked on. i have noticed, so far, that counters don't always work, there aren't nearly as many animations in combat as something like arkham city, the free running seems to be a bit clunky, the camera could use some polish (especially when on/in a vehicle), some of the objectives don't really seem to have an objective (as an example. i went to an area and it said "fight the monks" so i did...for 30 minutes. after i killed 116 monks i didn't know what to do so i just ran away), the random vendor dialogue is really limited, there isn't anywhere near the music diversity that you get in GTA or Saints row, etc...

none of these are major things, but they add up to prevent it from being a "great" game. it's a good, fun game that is worth playing.