Black Ops 2 multiplayer: 7 changes you need to know about

Black Ops 2′s multiplayer has had quite the overhaul. Not all the online changes are immediately obvious but some will fundamentally change the game – no more weapon perks, assessed matchmaking ranks and more. Here are the 7 things you *need* to know.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing2042d ago

I like the changes it look like treyarch really working hard to improve multiplayer the only thing I'm really worry about is the maps MW3 caters more to campers than a gun and run type of player

WeskerChildReborned2042d ago

Agreed, i'm impressed that they have actually changed stuff.

mercsfan2041d ago

Yeah it's at least something new.

I feel like the qualifying matches for matchmaking are going to be abused if they make you play them every time you change leagues or divisions.

FragMnTagM2042d ago

Wow this sounds good.

It seems like Treyarch actually gives a shit about the complaints we have been griping about since MW2.

The only thing I can think of is to have dedicated servers and then this would be the best Call of Duty game in recent years by far.

It is already way better than MW2, MW3, and the original Black Ops.

2042d ago
zeddy2042d ago

new features in cod games always get me hyped but in the end it all comes down to lag. blacks ops 1 was great but was ruined by horrendous lag, game was unplayable. please tell me they've fixed it.

HaMM4R2042d ago

I dislike call of duty, but at least treyarch are trying to change it up a little.