Devil May Cry Vergil Trailer Released

New Trailer of Devil May Cry released as Vergil Version.Lets check out the awesome video of this epic trailer

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crxss1896d ago

vergil from dmc3 was so awesome that anything NT does to him will pretty much be disappointing.

jimbobwahey1896d ago

Hopefully this game completely bombs at retail and sends a clear message to Capcom.

Eamon1896d ago

They've completely and utterly destroyed what made Vergil so awesome in DMC3.

j-blaze1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

everything about this game looks and sounds ugly!

guys, 2 amazing action games going to be released early next year Anarchy Reigns and MGR: Revengeance much, much better than this abomination

TheMasterShake1896d ago

so they turned Vergil into a little b**ch smh. you see all NT/Capcom bandwagoners think its just the way dante looks is the reason why DMC fans hate this game when its not. almost everything about this game stinks of S**t. this just topped it off, how can turn such a badass character into a loser like that. RIP DMC

user54670071896d ago

Wow....this just proves that NT don't respect anything about DMC.

I'm sorry but how can people support developers like them

I'm not that dissapointed because I knew they would ruin him aswell as what they've done to the franchise as a whole.

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The story is too old to be commented.