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EuroGamer: "Sleeping Dogs certainly doesn't deserve to take all the blame for this situation, and Rockstar has some serious game-raising of its own to do with GTA5. But when a game is so clearly intent on being a follower of trends rather than setting them, it's hard to feel much passion for Sleeping Dogs' vanilla retread of established ideas."

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morganfell2227d ago

"...follower of trends"

Whatever Eurogamer. Praise the next CoD when it comes out.
Follower vs perfecter. Dogs has the best H2H yet. Great animations minus the usual over-gesticulation. They paid a lot of attention to eye position as well. There is a good social and stat system as well. I stated back around February this would be a great game and was attacked and laughed at. Now I'm laughing and digging this title.

MaxXAttaxX2227d ago

This game does driving mechanics, running(parkour), shooting mechanics, melee(an actual hand-to-hand fighting system) better and not clunky like "10/10" GTAIV.

RavageX2227d ago

I see this game getting good reviews but I will wait and see what my fellow gamers have to say. Too many "professional" reviewers are being paid for good scores I believe or simply aren't allowed to be brutally honest in some cases, or just don't know what they are talking about.

Example: Saint's Row 3. Got praises all over, but the game was WEAK compared to Saint's Row 2 in every way except the graphics and some of the vehicles(jetbikes).

I am thinking I would like this game a lot, but I don't do pre-orders unless I "know" I'll like it.

Hueynewton20122227d ago

I agree Morgan, Euro gamers especially brits only like COD,driving games. These Euro sites only give out quality scored to games made by Euro devs mostly.