New DMC Details and Big Reveal

New Devil May Cry (DMC) details.

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crxss2074d ago

at least vergil's in the game :/

VanillaBear2073d ago

Oh yeah except he's now a total pussy who has been ruined in terms of character like Dante by the arrogant arseholes we like to call Ninja Thoery.

Yokan2073d ago

Yeah because you know the conlusion, you will be eating your words January 15. I swear all your comments consist of trash talking about a game you havent even played lol.

crxss2073d ago

who "disagrees" that vergil's in the game? LOL

Lucretia2073d ago

gah im sick of how everything on n4g just spoils anything. all the RE6 info that is just revealed in headlines, same for DMC and other games, so annoying

crxss2073d ago

stop reading/watching stuff about games when their release dates are just around the corner then?

Lucretia2073d ago

lol nah its not that man. its like saying i have to stop going on gaming websites in general. thats stupid. The article title for this article is good.

but other articles are like "VERGIL IN DMC!!!!"

or 5 Campaigns in RE6!!!!, or JILL IS DEAD in RE5!!!!! etc etc. those are the titles that piss me off

crxss2072d ago

haha why else do you go onto gaming news sites then if you don't want to be updated on your favorite games?

Burning_Finger2073d ago

That new dante came out of the closet? Is that the new reveal?

Mocat2072d ago

Yeah now he's one flamboyant mothaf*****