Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "A few years ago, when E3 tried to be a smaller show than it is now, Activision held a “True Crime” demo behind closed doors. I was fortunate enough to check it out and I went in with zero expectations. At the time I was impressed with what I saw. The open world concept with true-to-life martial arts combat and some crazy driving sequences had me looking forward to the games eventual release. I must have been the only one impressed as Activision’s True Crime did not receive any post E3 buzz and the game was eventually cancelled. Fast forward to present day and True Crime has changed its name to “Sleeping Dogs” and Square Enix is handling the publishing duties. Developed by United Front Games out of Vancouver BC, Sleeping Dogs arrives with little hoopla or fan fare. This is unfortunate because over the past week I had the chance to really sink my teeth into the game and simply put I haven’t had this much fun playing an open world game since the days of...

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