GameTap: Ninja Gaiden II Part 1 - Tomonobu Itagaki discusses making a ninja game for newbs

Gametap's Thierry Nguyen had a chance to speak a little more with Itagaki, after the demo, to get his thoughts on Ninja Gaiden II and how his wife influences the difficulty level of his games. A sample of the interview:

GameTap: In Ninja Gaiden, there were about three to five enemies at a time, while I notice in screens and footage for Ninja Gaiden II, that Ryu fights between 10 and 12 guys at a time. Can you talk about this change in amount of enemies that you fight, and if that affects the enemy A.I.?

Tomonobu Itagaki: In absolute terms, you are trying to kill the enemy, and the enemy is trying to kill you. So if the enemy ninjas sent their best guys, it would probably only take about three guys to take you down. But that would be too intense, as you would have to deal with constant attacks all the time. So we thought it might be nice if in the enemies you had, some were really good guys and some ninjas aren't that great. With that point of view, it would be okay to fight about eight or ten guys at a time, because you have varying levels of skill within the enemies coming to get you.

GameTap: Ninja Gaiden has an infamously harsh learning curve; you mentioned that for DS title Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, you adjusted the curve on that game somewhat since DS players tend to be more casual compared to Xbox Ninja Gaiden players. Has a similar adjustment happened for Ninja Gaiden II?

Tomonobu Itagaki: I think it's important to have a steady learning curve. We want as many people as possible to see everything the game has to offer. Earlier when we asked you about Ninja Gaiden, you said you only got up to Alma. As a person who created that game, I feel pride in my creation that you weren't able to beat that enemy. But as the same time as a producer, someone who wants the game to be played by as many people as possible, I feel kind of sad that you gave up at that point. I think it's important we allow people to see as much of the game as they possibly can.

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no_more_heroes3673d ago

Why does everyone keep saying that Alma was so difficult? She really wasn't. Next to the tentacle boss she was one of the easiest bosses for me and her second form was even easier, and I don't even like being challenged by tough AI. Maybe if you said Doku's spirit or the Vigoorian Emperor I would agree wholeheartedly.

leon763672d ago

Honestly, I agree with you too!! Alma is not a very difficult boss comparing with others, it's very far to be the most difficult in the game...there are bosses in NG Sigma (yes i have the PS3 version) like Gamov,and the dragon of level 15, the fire worms (very annoying) and the Emperor, that I tried like 6-7-8 times to defeat and very frustating, and Alma I did it in the second time...

DarkSniper3672d ago

Dark Sniper is pleased to read an interview with Mr. Itagaki that doesnt have him spewing out baseless insults at other platforms and competing games.

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Enigma_20993672d ago

And I wonder how his wife took that whole sexual assault thing when she found out?

Enigma_20993669d ago

Hmm... he must have cheatded on his wife with them too...

Rusted3672d ago

True Enigma 2099: "Doesn't change the fact that he's still an a-hole."
even if Itagaki knows to make good games.

One day, the ego of this guy will explode him, i hope it happens.