Darksiders 2 video review - MSXB

Darksiders II released in North America today, and with it a slew of reviews. Here's an informative video review showing exclusive gameplay.

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RaidensRising2233d ago

This or sleeping dogs? Hmmmmmm.

bunt-custardly2233d ago

Depends on what style you're after. Both are very different games in terms of artistic merit.

WeskerChildReborned2233d ago

I'm getting both since i'm interested in both but Darksiders 2 would be my pick.

ShadesMoolah2233d ago

Looks pretty damn awesome, to the point where I might just have to finally delve into the first game!

Daver2233d ago

I dont know where you live but some stores offer Darksider 1 when you buy the sequel.

Zynga2233d ago

Really? Which stores because im curious myself.

Daver2233d ago

Hmmm I think it was walmart.

lonesoul652233d ago

The game is great though there are some puzzles in there that kinda kick your butt a bit.