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New Resident Evil 6 Leon gameplay

Capcom released a new Resident Evil 6 video showing Leon gameplay. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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DeadSpaced  +   1082d ago
Hmm, I like it.
General Shrooms  +   1082d ago
you like it?!

TFW you favorite franchises are slowly turning into shit.
DeadSpaced  +   1081d ago
In your opinion, yes. When I get my hands on a game is when I decide if a game is "shit". I tend to not judge by news that seems to come out at a slow and tiresome pace.
DanielForth  +   1080d ago
5 is already shit, Constipated shit, at least 6 is diarrhea and will go down easier.
Lord_Sloth  +   1082d ago
Whoever was playing Leon kinda sucks at this game. Must not have played 4 or 5. GO FOR THE HEAD!
VanillaBear  +   1082d ago
Yawn...you don't need to remind us you've ruined Resident Evil Capcom.

God it looks terrible for a Resident Evil game

If you need to get revealing a ton of stuff for your game to get people interested then you have a problem.
TheBlackSmoke  +   1082d ago
Yeah man, they should totally put leon back in luigis mansion with tank controls a pistol with 3 bullets and 3 minutes of loading every time you open a door.

Lets completely forget that leon has killed thousands of zombies by now and instead just have him pretend he's all scared by seeing two zombies every 5 minutes.

Get with the times.
Trenta27  +   1082d ago
I feel that if I took all the videos of this game so far and spliced them together that I would have the majority of the game already.
vork77  +   1082d ago
so leon is in CoD now?

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