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Lord_Sloth1947d ago

Hmm...Might be interesting but I dunno. The brain hacking looked more like a "click this fail then click this win" type deal. Hope that isn't the case, otherwise there's not much point in it if you can't fail due to rewinds. Maybe it's just a Tutorial level.

Godchild10201947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Does this video remind you of this GIF a liitle?

Zeixama1947d ago

overdosed Ghost In The Shell syndrome... hope it goes with triple A quality.

KyRo1947d ago

If I didn't know that this game was called I would of thought it was a sequel to an old PSone classic called Urban Chaos. This looks pretty good though. I'm certainly keeping my eye on it.

KyRo1946d ago


That was a totally different game. A FPS but with the same name. The one on the PS1 was a third person game on the PS1. It's coming to the EU PS store today.

morganfell1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Social Media Friendly version:

These sites insisting on proprietary players are dooming themselves.

SuburbanHell1947d ago

Finally, a new IP from Capcom, and it looks halfway decent, I'm looking forward to seeing more, this game looks right up my alley.

AsheXII1947d ago

"halfway decen"? Looks amazing!

lastdual1947d ago

I think it looks great. It's something new and smart, with what looks like a bit of freeform stealth and navigation.

This is exactly the type of direction Capcom needs. Away from more mindless action, towards games with a thick atmosphere and unique soul.

TheKindRoost1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

First off I wanna say the gameplay looks fantastic and the game looks promising overall.
secondly I may sound like nitpicking but @ 2:00: Big wanted poster with her picture flashes up on building then goes climbing on the same building... yeah The lack of awareness from the NPC's is totally killing the immersion. Had they showed some reaction,the game could have totally be different more tense and more interesting (as in how are you gonna the complete the mission now that you've been spotted). I really long for days when NPC's aren't just Background decoration but actual living being.

[email protected]1947d ago

I also realize that and I must said I'm completely agree with you on this one.

sway_z1947d ago

Great visuals...go Capcom!

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The story is too old to be commented.