Sleeping Dogs Review (TheSixthAxis)

"Sleeping Dogs isn’t original in most of its mechanics and narrative but the little things that differ from genre staples are enough to warrant your attention. The combat system is a joy and the focus on unarmed combat, rather than firepower, is quite refreshing. Hong Kong is brought to life and while it’s not necessarily the real world of Hong Kong, it is perfect representation of the action movie setting of the island and that is much more entertaining and interesting."

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simonrope2163d ago

So overrated. Ive been playing it all morning, really overrated. 6-7 at best..

schlanz2163d ago

I'm not at all interested in this game, but that seems a bit harsh.. care to elaborate?

T3MPL3TON 2163d ago

I think the super high scores are a bit much but this is a good game none the less. It's a nice change of pace for open world games.

lonesoul652163d ago

Played for several hours last night and though it takes a bit to get started as the opening is really an extended tutorial in how to play the game...its really starting to get good!!!