Lost Planet 3 - Gamescom 2012 - Screenshots & Trailer

Capcom has released a new set of screenshots and a Gamescom 2012 trailer for Lost Planet 3.

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aviator1892227d ago

The story in this one looks to easily top the other two. I'm definitely keeping my eyes on this one.

pandehz2227d ago

Hmm right at the opening was it night in all countries at once?

MidnytRain2227d ago

I think they should have kept the 4-player co-op focus (which it did well) they had with 2. This looks generic to me. Like, what's the draw?

HeavenlySnipes2227d ago

I hope the EXOs from the previous games are in. The multiplayer in Lost Planet 1 was actually pretty cool. The mechs in that game were awesome. The only thing was the franchise needed a proper protagonist and story.