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AusGamers reviewed Darksiders II and writes:

"Much like the first game, Darksiders II is a title filled with homage and not-so-subtle nods to some of the top games in the industry. A line from my review of the first game suggests that “we're finally at the design mercy of a team on the same page as the rest of the hardcore gaming community”, but it seems more apt to have that line applied here..."

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The Meerkat2191d ago

A very good start.

The flood gates should open soon.

ThanatosDMC2191d ago

One thing i dont like is the season pass they started selling for "future" dlcs. $20 on steam.

bubblebeam2191d ago

What???? Season pass is the only good thing about DLC this gen. I LOVE DLC. As long as it is good and isn't day 1.

I want moar and MOAR darksiders 2. As long as it is quality, and it isn't released right after it comes out. The season pass is great, at least they are letting you know there is dlc and you can get it cheaper.

ThanatosDMC2191d ago

You sure it's not DLC that could have been on the disk day 1?

Did you play Assassin's Creed 2 and completely finished the game only to see that there's a random part of the DNA sequence missing and felt that there was something missing after saving that lady on a boat?

I want a complete game. It's fine and dandy if they're selling an expansion but $20 for two missions and a piece of armor?!

bubblebeam2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Dude, that was COMPLETELY different. That was tricky.

As I already said, if there is a certain amount of time AFTER the game comes out, then most likely it was being made after the game was finsihed. remember, a game is fully complete a MONTH before it hits our stores.

Don't see how anything I said above could be misinterpreted. Oh well, the internet is home to the smallest minds.

"I want a complete game. It's fine and dandy if they're selling an expansion but $20 for two missions and a piece of armor?! "

Where are they selling 2 missions and a piece of armour for $20?? Then agan, you are a space cadet, so it must be the delivery to space.

ThanatosDMC2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

You dont have Steam do you? I'll copy and paste the information for your sorry ignorant...

"Save when you pick up the Darksiders II - Season Pass and gain access to these future DLC packs when they become available.

The Shadow Forge is a blight upon the history of the Makers – a dark Forge crafted to harness the unfocused power of the Abyss. For eons it has sat abandoned, sealed off from the tree by the Makers themselves. But the hand of corruption has weakened the seals placed by the Makers, and the way to the Shadow Forge has once again opened.

Your Quest
The Shadow Forge is a construct—a living machine of stone and metal powered by an old and powerful heart stone. When the Makers sealed the Shadow Forge away, they left this living machine to linger in isolation for thousands of years. In time, it has gone mad.
Over those millennia, the Forge has built an army of powerful constructs – beasts not of stone, but of metal. Additionally, some small element of the Abyss has been infused in these form, giving them powers beyond those of a normal construct.
The Forge plans to use the now opened portal on the tree to invade other worlds with his powerful construct army. Death must stop this.

Death learns of a human survivor on Earth. The story told by the Council was that mankind was wiped out almost immediately after the Apocalypse, but the existence of survivors would change much. If the Third Kingdom has not been completely destroyed, perhaps they can be protected – and War’s name cleared.

Your Quest
Uriel tells Death that her Hellguard have reported seeing survivors, and that she thinks there is some shred of humanity clinging to life. A Hunter he encounters during his trek asks Death if he would free him from his shame – kill the Demon Lord that took his soul, and leave him to die in peace. If Death does this, he agrees to give Death some information on where he might find some humans hiding out…and a confrontation with the Demon Lord.

Forged by a race of beings that created the Universe itself, the Maker Armor Set is renowned for its ability to withstand punishment from even the fiercest of foes."

Here you go idiot.


Moiepman2191d ago

Is this Darksiders II Season Pass worth to buy?? http://www.darksiders2seaso...

bubblebeam2187d ago

Listen bowl cut, calling me an idiot is even more stupid than the idea of you assuming it was already on disk.

I myself am not getting the season pass (turns out it isn't that great), but the game is fun and I will get the DLC's in future. But season pass for Gears of war 3 worked, it worked for LA Noire, it worked for Uncharted 3 and so on.

I highly doubt you think that RAAMS shadow in Gears 3 (released january, 4 months after the game came out) was on disk or ready first, unless you are paranoid, that bowl cut must do wonders for your brain, like a Cradle protecting a baby.

Frances-the-Mute2191d ago

Looking good, just a couple more hours till my order arrives.

MrAnderson2191d ago

Isn't out till next tuesday in the UK, kinda sucks, especially as i bought a digital download of it so there's no justifyable reason for it to be released later in the UK, oh and, if you were smart ThanatosDMC, you'd have bought it from the thq stgore because you get the season pass for free on there, plus metro 2033 and obviously the first dlc pack aswell.


Grimhammer002191d ago

The dlc for ds2 looks very robust. Not short flimsy excuse for a wallet grab.

I'm Normally against dlc but I'm OK with it and single players adventure games

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