DmC Devil May Cry - Gamescom 2012 Official Trailer

he man behind the mask is revealed... A legendary brotherhood is revived to bring a fight to demons.

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TheKindRoost2227d ago

Didn't think it could get any worse, wrong I was.... Very. That's supposed to be Virgil?!

Yokan2227d ago

You mean Vergil? Yes, goes to show you dont even play the games yet critize.

HammadTheBeast2227d ago

If this was another completely different game, I wouldnt mind, but putting the DMC name on it pisses me off.

Awesome_Gamer2227d ago

Where is Dante or the real Vergil?

GUNS N SWORDS2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

More hair on both, die Dante's white, and bada boom.

something maybe like this.

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Lord_Sloth2227d ago

......What is this, I don't even...

Do they even know who Vergil is!? Design is fine but why is he some super polite, heartfelt, tears of joy, White Knight now?

LightSamus2227d ago

It's a trailer. They're teasing you. If Vergil turns into a bad guy before the game is over, I wouldn't be surprised.

Kin23g2227d ago

My thoughts exactly; Virgil is gonna be one of the main bosses .. if not the final boss himself.

VileAndVicious2227d ago

Im pretty sure that Vergil is evil and hes just acting wholesome.
But does this trailer remind anyone else of the tv show supernatural for some reason? lol

hulk_bash19872227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Come on guys, you had to have known that if they put Vergil in the game he wasn't gonna look anything like the original. I mean, him and Dante are twins after all. Any ways Ninja Theory has their own style, and when it does come out I'll probably give it a try since I enjoyed Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. But, it'll probably be after a few price drops though.

Lord_Sloth2227d ago

Please note that I said nothing against his design.

a_bro2227d ago

-_____________________________ _______________-

prototypeknuckles2227d ago

vergil cares about the world now, WTF?

Parappa2227d ago

It's a prequel.

Of course Ninja Theory said that it was just a spinoff in an alternate universe to cut down on people sending them death threats & such. In newer videos they go back to saying that it takes place before DMC1 and that it's a prequel.

I'm sure a lot of stuff that's said in this game that may seem stupid will make sense by the end of the game.

prototypeknuckles2227d ago

its not a prequel, it a full blown reboot, and how can it take place before dmc1 chronologically dmc3 is the first and vergil died in that one.

hulk_bash19872227d ago

It is a reboot so it isn't out of the question. But then again like everyone else is saying it could become a major plot twist and Vergil becomes more dark as the story progresses.

dgonza402227d ago

Could be a plot twist with his characters, guys. Sort of how Freddie in the new nightmare on elm street was supposed to look innocent. So don't cout his real character out yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.