Madden NFL 13 Demo Now Available

The demo for Madden NFL 13 is out now for the 360 and will be this afternoon when PSN store updates. It features two different matchups of Giants vs 49ers and Seahawks vs Redskins.

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PoSTedUP2077d ago

i cant wait to play this!

well i cant wait till it comes onto the vita. madden 95' on the gamegear was one of my favorites growing up, i played it endlessly.

Chicago85062077d ago

yea, m waiting on it for Vita 2, and PS3 as well, but I wish it was available alongside 360's demo release.
O'well, only a couple weeks til the full game :)

Game on n GO BEARS!

Tapewurm2077d ago

PS3 and Vita demo should be dropped later today. They just update a little later than the Live network is all Chicago8506.

Here is a link about the Vita Demo:


Chicago85062077d ago

yea, I appreciate it bro. I knew it would b available later.
I've been playing NCAA13 on PS3 all this time trying to wait out the Madden release :)

Been up checking the store to c if we got lucky with a early morning release when I got off work.

No worries though, I'll b watching something on netflix n the meantime.
Again, thanks.
Game on .

Chicago85062077d ago

In fact, I'll just give it a spin on 360.
Been neglecting her for too long now :)

No fanboyism over here.
Game on everyone.