Capcom's Remember Me Is Actually Adrift By Any Other Name reports: "Capcom has announced a 'new' IP, Remember Me, which is actually DONTNOD Entertainment's Adrift given a new name. DONTNOD, a Parisian outfit comprising numerous Ubisoft and Criterion veterans, have been working on Adrift since 2011: crafting a tale of memory loss in 2084 Neo-Paris."

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forevercloud30002161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Was very much interested in this when it was rumored to be an Action RPG, SciFi World, and PS3 exclusive. Now it sounds like it has been put through the ringer to appeal to more audiences. :/

Will wait to see these trailers before I decide whether I fully care or not.

Edit: Just saw the 7min trailer. Not bad, not bad. Still was hoping for it to stay an RPG tho. It does take some very cool elements from Heavy Rain,Uncharted, Assassin's Creed

Blues Cowboy2161d ago

The trailer is really exciting - hopefully Capcom are just handling publishing/distribution so Dontnod can focusing on making the best damn game they can!