PlayStation Plus Announcement at Gamescom

Sony will announce something new regarding PlayStation Plus, the publisher said.

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mafiahajeri2228d ago

Probably getting games 1 day early or something useless like that...

morganfell2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Troll much? Seriously this is the first comment out of the gate concerning a service that has easily shown itself to be packed with value. Such remarks are just absurd.

sway_z2228d ago

Clearly a [email protected] type comment ....Why bother even comment if you can only find negative stuff to think these idiots once loved PS1, PS2 and now they have a real alternative like XBOX they turn lemon (sour) regarding PS3...tut tut!

gatormatt802228d ago

Agreed... Bubble vote onslaught incoming!!!

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himdeel2228d ago

Don't buy anything off the store until after the announcement. But if I had to guess I'd expect they'd finally attach the video portion of PSN/PEN to the Plus accounts and increase the price a bit to access the rental services. Adding a set number of rentals no extra cost TV or Movies per month or my dream of them opening up the whole system to free for Plus accounts.

Roper3162228d ago

while a good thought I can only hope not, I would rather more cloud storage for game saves since mine has been full for months,or people get to pick 1 or 2 free games a month instead of having Sony pick them are 2 things I would much rather have then videos/movies.

himdeel2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


That's an even better idea. Allowing us to choose what 1 or 2 games we want for free that month. That would be very cool. Well said bubbles

Nutsack2228d ago

Depending on what they announce, and if they beef up PSVita support with PS+ I might step in again. I had it one year, from launch for 12 + 3 months free and got a couple extra months from the PSN hack, after that never had a real good reason to get it again.

It was kinda lackluster but with the recent games, Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, inFamous 2 and Motorstorm 3, it just needs that little extra to truly convince me to get it again. Now if they only do this 12 + 3 months free for the price of a year subscription once more... I'd sign up today

sinncross2228d ago

their latest actions have convinced me to sign up. just waiting to get back from my holiday so i can actually start using the service.

Blastoise2228d ago

Lackluster? It's better than ever these days. Do what I did and buy 3 months worth for around £12 and if you still don't think its worth it just don't renew.

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sway_z2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Nutsack...I'm not 100% on what consoles you have access to & I won't add to your woes (Disagrees)...but don't you think for the small amount of coin paid for the service, having access to so much FREE (well not exactly free...but..) content that this is seriously good value for the consumer.

...Besides the obvious that a Live Gold sub gives you...what complimentary games are MS throwing at their consumers??

....and don't give me that who haa about more stable and better service. MS have had their fair share of downtime and network issues too!

Correct me if i'm wrong...?

*I'll give you one thing...your comment was taken out of context ;)

ProjectDeputy2227d ago

and red dead redemtpion coming this september

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Merrill2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Maybe Playstation Plus will get Half Life 3 first?? Maybe baby..?

Jk. Most likely some more really good deals, including full games, maybe Uncharted?

-Alpha2228d ago

What happened to those rumors?

Whitefeather2228d ago

Sony said it was impossible on the PS3 and then they stopped.

ShadowKingx2228d ago

Going out on a limb here a big limb, but I’m saying party chat maybe.

negroguy2228d ago

I wonder when the implementation of Gaikai will be put in place.

Thatguy-3102228d ago

thats when i'll truly jump on board to the service. While i did save up with the discounts i rarely buy games on psn.

LAZL0-Panaflex2228d ago

I hope so, that and party/cross game chat. Or upgraded dashboard.

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