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TheKindRoost1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Cyberpunk? nice! Story based on trailer? meh, another amnesic-memory-chasing-protago nist in the future ,come on that is borderline cliche.

Merrill1949d ago

It looks rather terrible and generic. Very cliche as you pointed out.

gaffyh1949d ago

I actually quite like the look of it, especially from the gameplay trailer. Movement looks a little too fast and unrealistic, but other than it looks good imo. Especially good for Capcom, whose new IPs kinda suck.

Trenta271949d ago

It's the debut trailer. We really haven't seen anything yet. Way to call doom already...

majiebeast1949d ago

Dat voice acting... Good of dontnod they finaly found a publisher for adrift.

GearSkiN1949d ago

Good voice acting. I tell ya that!

Lucreto1949d ago

Hmm not convinced by the trailer.

I will wait for more information on it before deciding.

AusRogo1949d ago

Has a kind of Total Recall vibe goin on.

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The story is too old to be commented.