Assassin's Creed became fourth PS3 title to pass 2 million

According to vgchartz, Assassin's Creed has now become the fourth title to pass the 2 million milestone for PS3 software sales

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Mr_Showtime13824d ago

although unlike call of duty and uncharted i dont feel this game deserved these sort of sales.

IzKyD13313824d ago

at my local gamestop, assassin's creed was the most traded in game recently lol, IMO, assassin's creed is a game you should rent for a week or 2, beat it, and return it.
But this game deffinatly proves that PS3 owners do buy games, the games that i think will soon join the "million" list include burnout paradise, devil may cry 4, ratchet and clank future, guitar hero 3 and for some bizarre reason, need for speed prostreet (i hated this game, but the software numbers are very high, nearly a million)

Expy3824d ago

I agree, I didn't quite like Assassin's Creed. More hype than anything. I truly believed that Ratchet & Clank deserved a better outcome.

kingOVsticks3824d ago

it was soooo freaking repetitive and tedious on top of that it froze on me a couple times ON BOTH VERSIONS! This game was an epic fail I could have rated the game it would have been 7/10 better yet a 6/10 for the re tarted guy pushing me in2 the water constantly.

gta_cb3824d ago

im sure i have already seen this posted, hasnt anyone else or am i mistaken?

Panthers3824d ago

Im glad SOny is putting R&C in a bundle because it deserves to see better numbers.

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mullet3824d ago

But millions pre-ordered it before they even saw reviews. Ass Creed = Repetitive flop fest.

kira9893824d ago

But to call it a flop fest is a bit too far... Sure it was repetitive but at least it was fun(At least i thought it was)

The only thing that bothered me about about it was the end...

It just sort of...... stops

GamerMan3824d ago

Hint use your one of your assasin abilities ... You will get the credits and then you will be placed back in the room so you can replay the missions to get the 100% complete if you want.

mintaro3824d ago

well good to hear, but i cant help feel bad, cuz there are better games that havent sold as well

IzKyD13313824d ago

my hopes were deffinatly let down, but these high sales numbers pretty much guatantee a sequel (i just wish ubisoft would give us more info on the nex-gen prince of persia)

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