The forgotten heroes of PlayStation

GamesAsylum looks back at PlayStation characters that were never given the chance to shine.

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abzdine2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

i would love a Fear Effect sequel !
You forgot Heart of Darkness i can't remember the name of the boy and the dog.

HarryMasonHerpderp2231d ago

Kingsley! I completely forgot about that game!
damn I feel old now...

Relientk772229d ago

That game looks awesome I'm checking it out now

Nerdmaster2231d ago

Um Jammer Lammy is one of the best rhythm games I ever played. It's even better than the Parappa ones (and as a bonus, you can play as Parappa in her game after you've beaten it).

abzdine2231d ago

the best one for me is called Bust a Groove !!! Amazing moves graphics and music.


Nerdmaster2231d ago

I loved Bust a Groove, too. Bust a Groove 2 is one of my favorite PSOne games. But I still prefer Lammy's humor and gameplay.

harrisk9542231d ago

Um Jammer Lammy was available for free as a PS1 download for PS+ members last year.

Adolph Fitler2231d ago

Sir Dan Fortesque has been the biggest tragedy of the lost playstation heroes.

A PS3 Medievil should be a given, & Sony are committing gaming sin of the highest order, every time they ignore this series & it's much wanted comeback.

HarryMasonHerpderp2231d ago

Syphon Filter was amazing. I've heard rumours there may be a Syphon Filter for PS3.

Anyone remember C-12 Final Resistance? loved that game

NonShinyGoose2231d ago

Sir Dan Fortesque is in PlayStation All Stars.

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