EA Have No Plans To Bring Women’s Football To FIFA

Following the success of women’s football at the Olympics, a petition was started to ask EA to include women into the massively successful FIFA franchise. While the petition is starting to gather pace with over 3,000 signatures, EA don’t have any plans to introduce female players into the series at the moment.

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KMCROC542193d ago

Leave it be , EA got enough to worry about with DA2 sucking , their Star Wars MMO going free after the huge investment, not knowing if their COO is going or staying. They have a full plate this idea can sit for awhile it's not going anywhere unless a different group of women win at something else.

r1sh122193d ago

To some extent with gaming becoming a massive part of peoples lives these days, they should just add it to the game. Its not hard, in turn it would help raise the womens profile of the game and could boost sales.
Instead of selling it as 2 different games, just include women in the disc.

Horny2193d ago

I thought about this a while ago and wondered if they would ever release dlc or a full game. Then I realized you might as well pick the shittiest teams in Fifa and bam, womens soccer.

loki522193d ago

If you put the US mens national team against the US womens national team, the women's team would win. Alex morgan, megan rapinoe and hope solo are better than a lot of men in the same positions

Lex Luthor2193d ago

Please GTFO with that S**t.

LightofDarkness2193d ago

Maybe, but that says more about how much your men suck at football.

Neoprime2193d ago

Wow, lame EA, just lame.

iamnsuperman2193d ago

Interesting. I think they should. Woman's football is becoming increasingly more popular over the years. I hope they do in the future

KMCROC542193d ago

if that's the case how come it didn't take off the first time around w/ Hamm ,Chastain if people feel that moved by it, why the need now .


Why, it's just like men's football, but with boobs and less diving.. surely they would want to cash in on that!

Puddlejumper752193d ago

imagine the jiggle physics and shower time mini game

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The story is too old to be commented.