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The Call of Duty series is often criticized for stagnating. But for the market leader it's harder to set a course. How do you improve something that has already achieved so much?

That Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Infinity Ward are getting all the glory rankles Treyarch. This game and its developer conquered the hearts of players worldwide in a way that it now seems to be almost impossible for Treyarch to step out of that shadow. And yet, the studio fought back bravely and has been well represented by Call of Duty: Black Ops. And with the sequel the developer wants to have its long overdue breakthrough. People should speak about this game in years and still play it on their consoles. The foundation to achieve that goal is solid.

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Horny2166d ago

This game actually looks great and Im looking forward to it. I love the new class system because it allows for complete customization specific to play style. Graphics also look a bit better, not that it matter because the gameplay is good.
I hope the rumor about dedicated servers is true, if so this will be the definite COD.