PS4 PES using FOX engine to create “a surprising football game able to reflect emotion”

While we know Hideo Kojima’s FOX engine will be used to power the next generation of Pro Evos, the question remains: what does that actually mean for a PlayStation 4 PES?

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imt5582161d ago

And FIFA will have new engine on next-gen console.

abzdine2161d ago

who cares ! FIFA still has a long way to go. it's a broken game from the menus to the football rules used in it.

berndogskate2161d ago

stop trollin you twat imt558

mafiahajeri2161d ago

Hows he trolling its obviously true!

berndogskate2161d ago

Its off topic, stick to fifa 13 threads ffs, you think i dont know fifa 13 will use a new engine as well? jesus, all you fifa fanboys shitting your pants now cos pes is on track for domination once again? lol

mafiahajeri2161d ago

In nt a fifa fanboy ill be all over winning when it gets better but as of now fifa is the better game...

deep_fried_bum_cake2161d ago

While I agree it is off topic from him, you just said "all you fifa fanboys sh***ing your pants now cos pes is on track for domination once again? lol" after accusing him of trolling.

On topic
This is just not going to work, they won't be able to link the emotions of the players to a game.

abzdine2161d ago

visuals is good but if the game doesn't play well it's kinda useless in the end.

asmith23062161d ago

I'm actually well impressed with the PES 13 demo, it feels like old school Pro Evo from the PS2 days. The tactical defending addition took the fun out of FIFA for me. It catered for people who couldn't attack.

abzdine2161d ago

FIFA12 is garbage. Defence system is really rubbish cause fast strikers can now just go straight if you dont hit the button at the right time it's too late. that's why i'm giving up with FIFA next year until they really make a good game.
Laggy menu stupid AI free kicks almost never whistled...

Nate-Dog2161d ago

Even though I still like PES I have to disregard much of what Konami say about future titles and new engines at this point. First they said that they were developing a brand new engine just for PES after PES2011 and that it would take a few years to make. Then they said PES2012 would still be like a new experience. Then they announce that they're not making a new engine for PES, but they're going to use the Fox Engine being developed by Kojima Productions and Konami.

Magic_Spatula2161d ago

Maybe they were developing a new engine for PES 2013, but ultimately decided to use the Fox Engine, because it would've been more viable to do so? Plus, it's a way to show people what the Fox Engine could be capable of.

Nate-Dog2161d ago

True it's possible, but Konami surely knew what Kojima Productions were aiming for with the Fox Engine and what it could do. Maybe I'm just being too negative but Konami have been talking about new engines and new games as if they're a lot better than they are for a while now. I know EA Sports are just as bad (if not worse) too but PES has been really disappointing this gen in comparison to last gen, while FIFA has gotten better.