UC3 Tickets, DLC, and Being "locked in": To Thine Own Self Be True, Dear Gamer

GameRev's Heath Hindman examines the slight backlash over the recently added ticket system in Uncharted 3, comparing the move to other business practices and delving into the psychology of the reactions.

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LostTokens2233d ago

Makes sense, I've played enough "free-to-play" titles that didn't have me dropping ten grand to play more with extra features or whatever. BTW, why'd you give away my secret on how I got out of child support? >_<

dbjj120882233d ago

The fanboy tears are so delicious though. Whoops, this is N4G, better not upset the horde.

yewles12233d ago

The double standards that are the comments sections...

ZILLA2233d ago

the new upddate is amazing(period)and with that said the tickets are an OPTION!not fckin mandatory.PLAYSTATION PLUS has given us so much free crap if i buy tickets its worth every penny.

2233d ago
DFresh2233d ago

The only thing bad about the update is the G-Mal which Naughty Dog has nerfed to the point where the gun is useless to aim unless you add the Accuracy Mod.

More people are going back to the M9/Fal.
(I hardly see anyone use the G-Mal anymore.)

Strange Naughty Dog loves to fix stuff that's not broken and yet they leave shit that needs to be fixed still broken.

Example of that would be the Kal 7.
(There's been 3 patches on almost every single gun except the Kal 7 the gun that everyone complains about in Uncharted 3.)

While I like the trophy, customizations and Legacy Medal add ons the gun nerfs are a big step back.


neutralgamer192233d ago

Ps+ is well worth it

Uc3 Tournament system great idea but one cant help to see Sony/ND greed in implementing it this way and trying to sell those tickets. I mean one can only wonder how much money they made off of FHC already they should have made those tournament tickets free all around the board (10 tickets dont cut it if your lonewolf and end up on a loosing team. Not to mention half of the FHC stuff was redone crap such as weak characters (most of the models are trash).

Im a ND fan and play UC3 often but the direction their going focused on milking is not cool. One can say tickets aren't mandatory but alot of people feel it is if they want the same cool stuff other people have unless of course they camp all day with a gmal and score higher points and lower deaths and if their team wins smh

By the way besides the paid stuff the UC3 update was awesome and im glad to see less Gmal abusers running around. I see alot more AK's and M9's!!!!!

knifefight2233d ago

Re: "One can say tickets aren't mandatory but alot of people feel it is if they want the same cool stuff other people"

What you're describing here doesn't sound like something mandatory, it sounds like keeping up with the Joneses.

Someone can *feel* that it's mandatory to have the coolest things, but that doesn't make it so.
I can *feel* that it's mandatory to have a sports car because my neighbors and coworkers do, but that doesn't mean it actually *is* mandatory.

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