DmC Devil May Cry: New character announced

Ninja Theory is bringing back a classic character for DmC Devil May Cry.

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CustardTrout1779d ago

Will they make him look like a complete tosser too?

TheKindRoost1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

They will probably make him look like the dmc3 version in hope of appeasing( which is already to late) the fanbase.

CustardTrout1779d ago

That was far more tactful than my comment

GSpartan7771779d ago

$4.99 DLC for classic skins ;)

Blankman851779d ago

Oh put a cork in it already. Jees!! Can the game release first before we hate on it some more? Please!

ZombieKiller1775d ago

@Geno Why smile at that? Yu actually want to pay an extra $5 for something you had in the past? They changed the skin on you, and you want to pay them money to get it back?!

This is why DLC will always reign supreme and WHY these devs rape us of our money with it. People like this.

Mocat1779d ago

Thats not all for $1,99 you can play with Yamato

abzdine1779d ago

Capcom are getting scared and worried their game isn't gonna sell so they add a new character who will probably look the same as the Dante we know.

In your face arrogant Ninja Theory.

Kran1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

The game will sell.

It just won't be bought by 95% of the original fans.

Other 5% will get curious.

abzdine1779d ago

just like Resident Evil 6, im not getting any other Capcom massacre.

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ProjectDeputy1779d ago

they gonna make vergil bald with a tatoo saying i love angels

and they gonna announced that they are step brothers.....hey lol u can expect anything with ninja theory

pompombrum1779d ago

Don't put ideas in their head! Seriously though, I'm surprised they didn't make Dante half devil and half vampire and made him look like he came out of a twilight movie.

ThanatosDMC1779d ago

No no, they'll be a married couple.

O_O1779d ago

I hacked into NT's computers and have found a picture of their version of Vergil....

GSpartan7771779d ago

Well played. Have a bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.