Star Wars 1313: The First Trailer is Here

IGN - The first gameplay trailer for Star Wars 1313 is finally here. Get a taste of what's to come in this absolutely gorgeous third-person action platformer from LucasArts.

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mafiahajeri2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Can't see this releasing on current gen consoles. Without a lot of compromise that is, nevertheless looks really good! What I expect from next gen and more!

Farsendor12197d ago

i can't wait to play this on my pc,wonder if the game is going to have mod support?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2196d ago

Best thing about mods next gen is that graphics will will be even better!
Remember Enb & Ice? They don't need mod support they do it if they want.

crxss2197d ago

oh this is definitely hitting the current gen consoles, but definitely with a lot of compromise, especially in the graphical department

chidesd2197d ago

no that would be improbable i mean in game looked very fluid and up to CG quality beautiful game

TheKindRoost2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Nice! hopefully it'll be more than just regular tps shooting pretty graphics.

ATi_Elite2197d ago

Friggin Justin Timberlake, that dude is so funny!

iamnsuperman2197d ago

Nice trailer. Little disappointed though. Star Wars universe has a lot of varied worlds and climate/culture. It looks like this game will just be stuck in a dark and dingy city

Capt-FuzzyPants2196d ago

Yeah this type of environment is done in a lot of games they could have included other worlds that are unique and not just a dark city. But I also can't judge the game based on 1 or 2 trailers. We'll just have to wait and see if they do anything unique.

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