Latest Yakuza 5 screens show off new character

Several new screenshots, featuring a new character, have been revealed by Sega for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive open-world action-adventure game, Yakuza 5.

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Krugsy2048d ago

Looks like they've given Kazuma an outfit change, gone is the (frankly outdated) pop'd collar shirt and suit combo. Haruka is looking quite a bit older too, but I still find it strange that she is playable.And Taiga Saejima goes baldheaded. Akiyama is still rocking the maroon pinstripe though :) The graphics on a while a looking a little better, especially in the surrounding textures.

Bloody hell I can't wait for this game - I just hope it gets localised.

ThanatosDMC2048d ago

Haruka as a teenager. I feel bad for any guy that tries to date her.

Anyway, i thought they were changing the graphics engine. Looks the same, but im not complaining. Hopefully, it's more fluid.

Cant wait to play this game. Hope there's more mini games and funny substories and ridiculous revelations. Kiryu Kazuma looks older... almost skinny but it might just be the clothes.