Black Ops II Multiplayer Blowout: Scorestreaks Replace Killstreaks, Livestreaming , Leagues and More

Kotaku - So much for Call of Duty being gaming's safely predictable 800lb gorilla.

The people making the new Black Ops II are changing multiplayer. A lot.

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FragMnTagM2079d ago


Hopefully this will help out a lot with the stupid campers thinking they are L33T because they can hide in a corner and get a killstreak.

Black Ops 2 is looking pretty good.

TheFallenAngel2079d ago

Screw the multiplayer show me some zombies!

blackblades2079d ago

Agreed we all know what multiplayer is going to be like.

No Way2079d ago

Iduno about all these killstreaks, or 'scorestreaks,' but I wish they'd go back to how MW was.
In terms of killstreaks, at least, to just the three basic killstreaks that they had available.