IGN - Black Ops 2: Rebooting Call of Duty Multiplayer

IGN - When David Vonderhaar discusses Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer, it’s like listening to an intelligent, articulate critique of the franchise’s unwillingness to change. As Game Design Director, Vonderhaar is the idea man. He’s a well-spoken developer who’s proud of his team and title. When he tells me about the new direction for Black Ops II multiplayer, he’s confident and excited. But each time he tells me about a new concept, he qualifies it by saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.” Vonderhaar is hard on himself, and it’s hardly surprising. His smart and simple changes seem so obvious the moment you see them that you’ll wonder what took so long to implement them.

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Zancruz2106d ago

It sounds good good in theory, but as a veteran Call Of Duty player what I hear is they're going to make people camp harder than they have been in any pass game... What I would like them to focus on is the Internet connection between players. One way to fix it is to create a way to lock what region that a person is playing and the connection type of the players theyre are playing against.

USA Region Only
4 bar Connection Strength Only

Hopefully something like that will cut down on the Lag...

ZombieKiller2106d ago

It might, but then what happens when you want to play with your friends, and those friends are scattered across the states?
I agree with you regarding the net code, but I like this approach a hell of alot. I am usually not one to run around, I am considered a camper, if you will. I really don't care who calls me what, if the game said I won, then I won. End of story.
I wish for the life of me, that people would play a little smarter. I always see people running around like nut jobs. In ANY given situation like this, people are ducking for cover and hiding because they do not want to get shot. The main problem is COD rewarding these people that constantly die, with death streaks and support kill streaks. There should be punishment for death and rewards for kills/objectives. That way people aren't just running around. I think that some of the focus is more on running than it is on shooting. If that was the case, we should all just go play some track and field game.
I like the direction and enthusiasm that Treyarch least they are TRYING.

Zancruz2106d ago

That's why I said the player can choose to lock it or not.... have the connection type in the options seeing that the never make dedicated servers for the game s ystem. I personally pay too much money a month for cable internet to be experiencing lag, Because of someone else's connections issues due to their internet quality or their location.

I have no issue with people player smarter, but they can't make somebody play smarter... Most people who Run & Gun don't know what they're doing anyway and end up with more deaths than kill and those campers that's not even by the objective just sittin understairs or behind a door waiting for people to run by is not playing smart either .

venom062106d ago

IGN the ULTIMATE CoD fanboy site... they kiss and love on everything CoD and going on and on about change, but gave that reskin called MW2.5 a 9/10...... and are already talkin down MoHWF despite it's changes that was made from the first iteration.... Listen people, please be very wary of these so-called "gaming journalists" that are really nothing more the marketing pawn-used fanboys of publishers..

Cra2yey32106d ago

Mw3 was no where near a 9. They were paid to give it what ever battlefield 3 got to make it seem like nobody won "the war" and halt fanboy rants.

ZombieKiller2106d ago

I agree with this as well. That's why I get as much info as I can from as many sites as I can. Just like movie reviews, I don't pay attention unless it's REALLY BAD. Then I take it for what it is, and buy used.

MidnytRain2106d ago

Both this and the new MoH look awesome. I'm going to have to pick one eventually.