Kuma Asks You The Gamer To Be A Real World Hero In Extra Life

Kuma Wrote: That is right folks I am calling for your help this year once again in helping me help the kids at Faxton St. Lukes Hospital where all donations will be sent to save the children and give them real world extra lives. It is one thing as gamers to be heroes in all the video games we play, but there is a better achievement when helping out those in need in the real world. The donations are tax deductible which will come in handy in your returns for next year. The donations can start off with just a dollar and that is pretty much enough with all the readers and viewers I get. I will be streaming from now all the way until the due date where I will prep for a big 24 hour marathon stream on PlayStation 3 on October 20th till that Sunday Morning! I did it before last year helped raised 1.2 million dollars for the children and now I am solo which is enough for a strong bear like me.

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