Black Ops 2: Official perks & gun list revealed, new Create-a-class explained

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer was playable in Cologne at a pre-show event hosted by Activision. VG247 was at the scene to play a full two hours, and to make note of the games exhaustive new create-a-class system, as well as perks, attachments, gadgets and more.

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LakerGamerEnthusiast2194d ago

Hmmmm very interesting. Glad Ghost is not effective while in a single spot. Great Dead silence and Extreme conditioning are in same tier. These guns don't sound bad. now lets just cross our fingers the weaponry is balanced.

iMpuTeD2194d ago

whats the situation with the knife? i saw game play and its no different then before i thought its supposed to be like equipment now?

LakerGamerEnthusiast2194d ago

Yeah. I heard that it's not given to you now, but im not quite sure. I'm thinking maybe it's associated with Fast Hands in tier 2? Who knows gonna have to find out.

iMpuTeD2194d ago

im thinking fast hands might be more like quickdraw in mw3 cause in all the vids he didnt have that for the second perk. But i hope they fix the knifing i cant stand "panic-knifing"

iMpuTeD2194d ago

Fast Hands is a perk in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). It enables the player to arm and disarm the bomb at a faster rate. There's your answer i just looked it up so that makes the most sense to me seems like a cool perk to use for SnD

LakerGamerEnthusiast2193d ago

Ahh I see. Yeah I hate Panic knifing too if I could remove one thing alone in any cod game it would be that. I hope they do something about or weaken it in some kind of way.

Xenomorph2194d ago

What a bore. It's essentially just MW3. 2 attachments/recoil/gun bonuses are all part of the weapon system in mw3, the perks are the same if not less useful, and even the new guns are taken from mod war, killstreaks remain mostly the same. Where is the innovation?

ALLWRONG2193d ago

Is Killzone innovation to you?

Xenomorph2193d ago

New all in one objectives mode, brutal melee, heavy shooting and feel, breath taking visuals, and innovative levels that can harm you like being smashed with a massive crusher, blasted by the engines of missiles, ran over by trains, or blasted with an EMP. Playable mechs in MP.

What aside from zombies (which is over rated) was Black ops done that Mod war didn't already do?

Chaotic_Lament2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Calling my competitive class now.

1. Assault rifle
2. Fast mag
3. Quickdraw
4. Wildcard Primary gunfighter
5. Silencer
6. Lightweight
7. Toughness
8. Dead Silence
9. Wildcard Tier 3 greed
10. Awareness

I'll be a stealth soundwhoring speedster like always. From there all other classes will be slight variations based on situational concerns (like ghost instead of lightweight).

Straightupbeastly2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I don't like how Ghost works only when you move. Ghost is a fair perk because the game has constant UAV spam. I find UAV's cheap. They just have to put Ghost in a perk tier where other perks match up to it in which they did not do in Black ops.

Reason I say this is because I like to use ghost in demolition for example when on defense. I don't like the enemy knowing where I'm planted and defending the bomb site from, but now I have to constantly move to not be seen when they're spamming USV's? stupid.

Plus now they have those sensor grenades like Bad company. People are gonna spam those things.

They're gonna get a lot of complaints from ghost... again.

grahf2194d ago

The system is being designed to straight up combat what you do... camping. Even the Millimeter Sight does the same thing... if you sit in one spot, you can be seen.

Time to put the pup-tent away, everyone!


Eske2193d ago

I wonder what the sensitivity of it is. Will you get picked up on radar if you're creeping?

If any movement, no matter how small, keeps you from appearing, I could see campers fidgeting in place ever-so-slightly to avoid getting picked up.

But if it exposes you when you're moving slowly, it might make it hard to ninja around to kill enemies.

It'll be interesting to see how it works in practicality.

grahf2193d ago

I just went back to the video released last week, and the first guy that is taken out by the millimeter sight is moving & is picked up... It looks like he might have been ADS and moving a little slower, but he was still on the move. The 2nd guy was stationary in the smoke.

I'm interested to see how all the new equipment & perks flesh out!

Straightupbeastly2193d ago

I'll just camp behind my placeable riot shield and throw down a sensor grenade...if I was to camp. You cannot combat camping in a game like COd, it's built around killstreaks. No one runs around and goes on massive killstreaks unless they're clan stomping against scrubs. Stop watching YouTube videos

grahf2193d ago

Campers camp because they get away with NOT being seen. They hide in corners, behind trees, under bodies, and they stay still... hidden...

A big metal slab & a blinking blue shock/emp-sensor grenade, and your red dot blaring on the map does not scream CAMPER! You are digging into a position to hold the line!

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