Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming to PSN August 21st

PS Blog - Since 1999, Counter-Strike has been the standard-bearer for first-person shooters. The driving force behind competitive e-sports, Counter-Strike has showcased the talents of the most skilled FPS players around the world. Beginning August 21st, the classic action is available on PSN.

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Snookies122167d ago

I had a blast playing the beta, looks like it's turning out really well. Coming from someone who religiously played CS 1.6 way back in the day. It's definitely looking to deliver in just about all ways... Except for not having spray paint.... D: Why did they take out SPRAY PAINT!? Hopefully that'll be put back in at launch, or some point down the road.

DeadlyFire2167d ago

Console gamers would abuse it with offensive and pornographic material. You know it to be true. It was done even in PC game. There is no way to moderate it in a console world though so they played it safe. It will likely come to the PC edition or add in a symbol/emblem/tag system at some point.

Snookies122167d ago

Eh, they could have just had default ones for console. Shoot, I'd even take only default ones for PC as well over not having it at all. Always made me happy to spray a big green smiley face over a vanquished foe...

DeadlyFire2166d ago

Well they could patch it into the game. I would like it as well even if it wasn't allowing custom ones. Valve could make even new ones with micro-transactions to buy or something as well if they chose to do that.

ddurand12167d ago

we have console gameplay?

raytraceme2167d ago

I really dont get how a game like this can't run 60fps on consoles. OTH Move Support yea!!!

DeadlyFire2166d ago

Well considering the engine is as old or older than the hardware. It should be more than capable of 60 fps.