Home: Feedback led to changes

GameIndustry reports Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Home platform has undergone key changes in the last few months as a result of feedback from users currently engaged in its beta test.

New screens of a recent build of Home, shown to the audience by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's John Venables and Ron Festejo in a session at Imagina 08, demonstrated the new look of what will be every user's first view of the world.

What had been an enclosed room with a large window showing a lush view has now been transformed into a serene outside space, with plenty of room for people to interact, and tables with fully functional chess and draughts games included.

The Theatre itself, while retaining the same functionality, has had all of the screening areas moved down to the ground floor, after feedback from users that the 12 second walk to go upstairs took too long.

Venables and Festejo also revealed that it was now possible to take your avatar out onto a balcony from your own apartment, and that there would be "around eight or nine" different apartments available at launch, although no new details on potential pricing options for the premium apartments were available.

The Imagina 08 conference is taking place in the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, until February 1

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Kugar773737d ago

wasn't it announced in 2007? it says 2006 but i dont think it was that early

Rice3737d ago

yea it was suppose to be released around 2007, but i can wait, sony should take as long as they can so that Home would be successful.

GIJeff3737d ago

comes out before ps4.

Cyrus3653737d ago

Looks like they'll be alot of home information coming in the next few weeks with this conf, GDC, etc.

MikeGdaGod3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

i've been in the beta for months but i barely use it.

they've got alot that still needs to be fixed:

the #1 thing that needs to be changed is the way Home is launched. right now, its launched like a game or demo saved on the HDD. this is a problem because that means you're not in Home automatically, you have to launch it everything you want to go Home. i think there should be an option for those that want to be in Home automactically in between games, meaning Home replaces the XMB. we should be able to switch between the two on the fly.

second, the games in the arcade need to have save the top scores overall and of the person thats currenly playing. also we should have arcade machines in our apartments of the games bought off the PSN.

third, the Theater needs to stream all of the video. currently when you go into the theater you have to wait 5-10mins for the video to start playing. in the Gamespace, video of God of War II and MLB'08 are being streamed constantly. when you come in the room the video is playing and thats how it needs to be in the Theater.

other things needed include: custom music (text-messaging and voice-chat are already there), more games in the Gamespace, and more apartments styles.

i've told them this and more a while ago but this is all i can think of now.......i think i'm gonna copy n paste this and send it to them again.

rawg3736d ago

Everything you said makes me want Home right now, even with the problems you've described. I wish I had been included in the beta...

MikeGdaGod3736d ago

don't get me wrong, it is cool but the feeling doesn't last long. i think they should make it as easy as possible for people to go in and out of Home.

the way it is now, whenever there's an update its packed....but after a day or two its empty. it definately catches your attention, it just doesn't keep it and thats what they need to work on.

MaximusPrime3737d ago

nice to hear some good progress.

Delaying Home is a good move, this helps to make Home better than before.

Looking forward to this conference.

Frances-the-Mute3737d ago

yeah good, cuz there wasn't much in the beta

BulletToothtony3737d ago

where have you been, partying too much? haven't seen you on the site for like 3 months..

Mattearl3737d ago

yeah... its only been about 3 months since we've heard ANYTHING about home. Just news like this every so often would be much better then nothing, imho.

But looks great, can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.