Mike Rufail Working With Treyarch To Ensure Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Takes ESports By Storm

COLOGNE, GERMANY — Pro gaming fans know Mike “Hastr0” Rufail well. The former Call of Duty: Black Ops pro gamer has kept busy since retiring from competitive eSports. Rufail remains active as the owner and coach of Black Ops Team EnVyUs and co-hose of Call of Duty Elite’s “Friday Night Fights” TV show. Over the past six months, Rufail has been working closely with developer Treyarch on its extensive integration plans to make eSports a major focus of Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer.

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dazzrazz2197d ago

I love when i see those idiots sitting on their streams in those silly ass "pro gamer" glasses !

JBSleek2197d ago

I would love to be one of those idiots who get money to play video games sounds like a good living to me.

ATi_Elite2197d ago

Well back in the day Call of Duty was the Gold Standard for FPS in eSport along with Counter Strike!

Oh how the mighty have fallen!!!! (Not CS of Course)

Well They gotta a lot of work to do to get COD in shape for eSports but then again COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE has already taken eSports by Storm.

COD will not over take CS in eSports

pompombrum2197d ago

Lol call of duty will never take esports by's just not designed for esports. Until they make recoil something that actually takes real skill to use, it'll never be a proper esports title.

JBSleek2197d ago

Isn't that a common misconception as more recoil would result in it being less skill based and more luck based as the unpredictable sway would allow for uncontrollable long distance engagements.

Also I think it will take E-Sports by storm as it is popular has a strong following and is more clean and polished for it.

pompombrum2197d ago

Well didn't do well in MLG. CS has a lot of recoil and should see what pros can do with that.. it's insane. I see what you're saying but the higher the skill gap in terms of shooting, the more merit a fps title has as a competitive game.

JBSleek2196d ago

You make plenty of sense. How would you change the game to have a more skill based system?