Image Suggests Sony Has Three New Characters Lined Up For Gamescom

TSA: "In amongst burly brawlers and Ellen Page are three new characters: a green leafy chap, a little fire pixie and a crazy looking wooden thing with scissors. The latter is most likely from Wonderbook (suggesting another showing) but the other two?"

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Relientk772195d ago

I have no clue who these new characters are and what games they are for, but I am definitely excitied to find out

L-a-i-n2195d ago

Looks interesting look forward to seeing what those characters are all about.

GribbleGrunger2195d ago

I certainly get an MM vibe from the leaf guy... could it be? I flaming well hope so!

HebrewHammer2195d ago

Good call. I was hoping we'd see Guerilla Games resurface - but judgin by those characters, I'd say they won't be at GamesCom lol.

PS4 launch title for them and Sucker Punch is my guess.

R_aVe_N2195d ago

Wonder if that helghast is just because its gamescom or they are announcing something new. Also that green guy does have a very MM vibe to it can't wait to see what they are.

brew2195d ago

Well , they should be showing off the Killzone Vita game that was announced before. Sony Cambridge is working on it.

SandWitch2195d ago

I seriously hope the Killzone guy is for Killzone Vita :|

No idea what the other three fellows are for. Leaf Guy for Media Molecule is a good guess, and the Scissors Guy for Wonderbook sounds likely. But what about pixie? Another Wonderbook title?

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The story is too old to be commented.