Black Ops 2 multiplayer hands-on: the future starts here

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer was officially unveiled at a pre-Gamescom 2012 showcase hosted by Treyarch yesterday. VG247′s Dave Cook played it for two solid hours to give you the scoop on what’s new, what’s awesome and what still needs work in Black Ops 2 multiplayer.

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HarryB2164d ago

Its hands ON preview with a hands off result. Same game, same engine, same death animations. This is the best hands off expanion pack ever. If you want more or less the same thing constantly this is hands on for you. ANDDD people will buy this game because they want to be the coolest kid in their garage to have a shiny golden type 95 thats automatic this time.

decrypt2164d ago

Well its being developed for the same old 6 year old hardware. What do you expect to happen lol?

Yes they can get a new engine and improve the graphics, however that would reduce framerate. Alot of people dont understand this, Consoles only have a handful of first person shooters that actually run at 60fps and offer a 9 vs 9 multiplayer. COD just happens to be one of those games, the other one that may qualify would be Halo.

Since both these games offer a smooth 60 fps experience albeit with low graphics, the customer tends to like this. This futher backs the theory "console gamers dont care about graphics". Cod alone is a testament to this.

Activision understands this. Activision wants to stick to the 60fps sweet spot. By upping the graphics this 60fps game play gets compromised, this is due to 6 year old hardware. Hence if you want to be crying to anyone it should be MS and Sony for holding the industry back, however its not like they will care because they want to profit of old hardware which is still selling very well, as they know console gamers dont care about graphics.

LightofDarkness2164d ago

Nay, Halo be 30FPS. Yar.

RAGE runs at 60FPS, but it is also a pretty damn terrible game. I guess it does looks better than COD, but it has a lot of pop-in.

You're really not going to get a better looking engine for COD on consoles unless you want to break the 60FPS standard that has been a staple up until now.

venom062164d ago

sadly people are going to be suckered into the gimicks of this "new toy" only to release within a month or 2 that isn't really not that inovative.. the graphics are garbage and the Guardian is ALREADY being called OP.. Wonder if MW4 will be in the future... if not and the franchise goes backwards, it's an instant fail..