Sleeping Dogs Review (FMV Magazine)

"If you're thinking of passing on this, and waiting for the fifth installment in Rockstar’s biggest franchise instead, you'd do well to rethink that course of action. Sleeping Dogs is a phenomenal experience that delves into the criminal underworld, blows it wide open, and takes the player on one hell of ride."

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acidbrn2229d ago

Glad to see that this game has lived to expectations.

KingofGambling2229d ago

good job United Front Games ever since Modnation Racer I've been following this developer and looking forward to the game.
And thanks Square Enix on picking up this game, now just focus on FF Versus 13.

Mad_Mack2229d ago

Sounds bang tidy Jonathan. Will def check that one out.

Rental or purchase?

TrendyGamers2229d ago

Perfect score, nice to see.