DICE GM: It's about the games, not the business models

GI - DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has told developers that their number one priority should be creating entertaining games, rather than technology or business models.

"It's about the games, about the entertainment and about the fun," Troedsson told GDC Europe attendees.

"It's not about the business model, it's not about the platform we're building on - it's about how much fun we the gamers have when playing the game, and that's been a real thread throughout the company's history."

Troedsson's keynote also addressed changing technology, namely platforms and cloud gaming.

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Izowiuz2163d ago

Every once in a while I have this funny feeling that n4g relays information from a parallel dimension. A place where EA makes free DLC, CAPCOM produces only original IP's and job of a 'general manager' is to manage and not to spread PR b-s.
I guess it's time to clean my coffee mug, it will stop the hallucinations.