2007 Console War in Review

Gaming Target breaks down the Console War with a look at hardware sales, software sales, review scores, exclusive titles and "NPD Spin." They also declare a winner for the year.

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Expy3466d ago

Console War in Review? Huh?

Stupid article, bad numbers, and fanboy author:

"Sony's little Blu-Ray player has sold more than 3.25 million units since its release in November 2006."

kingOVsticks3466d ago

who approved of this anyway?

KingJFS3466d ago

How can 3.25 million be a bad number? Are you saying the NPD is just lying about how many PS3 systems have been sold in the US?

Enigma_20993466d ago

You know... the one you blatantly ignored.....

3465d ago Replies(1)
moodymofo3465d ago

did anybody really expect that the console winner would be anybody other than xbox ...if they did then they live in a fantasy word.

wiizy3465d ago

do we really need a review.... its simple 20 million systems sold..wii won